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IELTS Speaking: Part 2 - Introductions

Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam is one of the more daunting sections of the test. Many people worry about filling two full minutes with constructive content and meeting the necessary standards of fluency and coherence, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Most likely, you would rarely do that in your own language, let alone having to do it in a foreign lingo!

So, it’s test day. You’ve studied the part 2 cue card. You’ve used your 60-second preparation time wisely and decided what you’re going to talk about. And you’re confident that you are going to cover a range of grammatical structures supplemented with some high level vocab, phrases and idiomatic expressions.

But how do you begin?

Read below to find out, or watch the video.

Now, whilst I always strongly advise my students against using any memorized answers, the part 2 introduction is the one element of the speaking test where a candidate can have a few rehearsed sentences that can be modified to suit any topic.

It means you can guarantee getting off to a strong start, making a positive impression, and comfortably filling the opening seconds with good, constructi