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IELTS Speaking: Part 2 Example

In response to a request made by one of my long term students, I have decided that I will start trying to publish an example part 2 speaking answer (perhaps) once a month.

These answers will be an opportunity to review, first hand, the strategies and techniques that I teach and encourage my students to use in order to fill their two-minutes in an effective manner.

And to make things more interesting, I will try to use one of the cue cards that I believe are a little more obscure in nature.

So, without further ado:

Describe an occasion that you lost something. You should say:

· What you lost

· When and where you lost it

· What you did to find it

And explain how you felt about it

Honestly, this should be a really easy topic for me to discuss because I can be pretty absent-minded, and I misplace things all the time. But saying that, the only missing item that really sprang to mind when I saw this card was a stuffed toy of my daughter’s. This was a particularly meaningful loss because it caused a surprising amount of chaos, actually”

"The item in question was a small pink fluffy bunny that had been gifted to my daughter when she was just a baby. And for whatever reason, my kid became instantly attached to it. She clung on to it everywhere we went and it was an irreplaceable source of comfort to help her calm down and sleep. But, one fateful afternoon we lost it in the back of a taxi. This was a major problem because in Bangkok, there are countless taxis managed by endless companies. It was gone. So, instead of trying to locate it, we searched high and low for a duplicate and we replaced it."

"Although the substitute we have now is not quite the same, it’s very similar and my daughter has finally accepted this bunny imposter in to her life, and things are back to normal. In fact, when we did find the replacement, I bought a few spares just in case we were to ever lose another one. "

"My wife and I often rehash this little anecdote when we are reminiscing about our early days of parenthood. I should think, when our daughter no longer wants bunny mark 2, we’ll hang on to it as a souvenir. It’s the kind of thing that will be very nostalgic in the years to come."

"Well, I don’t think there’s much more I can tell you about that little story, unfortunately. I think that pretty much says it all."

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In this answer, I have made a point of exercising the PPF-Strategy and both the intro and outro methods that I encourage.

If you have found this article useful but would like to see me do a specific Part 2 task you have in mind, feel free to send me questions that you would like to see me organise an answer for.

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