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LWT English has been delivering first-class online lessons to English learners from across the globe since 2015. In that time, LWT has enjoyed the honour of helping students of all ages and backgrounds reach their goals in IELTS (both for further education and immigration), seeing them gain the confidence they need in their new job, developing their language skills for school, or just learning for the love of learning. 

Your goals are ours!

At LWT English, your English language sessions will be personalised to ensure that you are making the improvements, and learning the skills, you need to reach your goals!

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Javiera, Chile

'It was an amazing teacher to prepare the IELTS. He gave me a lot of confidence with myself and my knowledge. I recommend Tom to everyone who are preparing the IELTS!'

Ailsling, China

Tom is patient and can adjust his teaching methods to meet students' needs. It's really enjoyable to study with Tom!

Pavel, Russia

That was amazing! I want to say great thanks for the lesson. A lot of topics discussed during the lesson with my speaking errors corrected in real time. It was extremely beneficial for my speaking skills.



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IELTS Preparation Classes

Success in the IELTS test can open doors to a bright future in further education or make immigration to an exciting new destination a reality. LWT English makes it possible to perfect the skills necessary to enter the IELTS test centre feeling confident, prepared, and ready to realise your goals.


What is IELTS?


The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a comprehensive exam that tests a candidate’s abilities in four areas of language. After a written test that covers reading, listening and writing, and a short speaking exam with an examiner, the candidate will receive a score ranging from 1-9.

With the right score, a successful IELTS candidate can find themselves meeting the requirements to continue their education at one of 10,000 institutions across 140 countries or emigrate to their dream destination. The possibilities are endless!

One IELTS certificate, two tests

The IELTS test comes in two forms and each version is suited to a specific goal.


IELTS Academic

The IELTS Academic test is the standard requirement for students aiming to continue their studies at one of many foreign universities. In order to know what the necessary IELTS score is, be sure to contact the university or educational institution and receive a confirmation on the minimum band score and/or minimum requirements for each of the four sections.

IELTS General Training

The IELTS General Training test is best suited for those looking to qualify for immigration. The requirements can change from one country to the next, and they can also be affected by an individual’s professional status. As such, be sure to talk to the relevant government bodies from your chosen country to confirm the IELTS requirements.

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Interview Preparation

Have you scheduled the interview?

Now make sure you are fully prepared to present the best version of yourself and secure your dream job or university position.


Making the necessary preparations before an interview is the key to ensuring you are ready to tackle any of the questions that might come your way, and guaranteeing that a positive impression has been left on your potential future employer or member of the admissions board.

During the LWT English interview preparation classes, we will examine some of the more common interview questions and consider the best way for you to answer them. We also will make sure to navigate away from any tired clichés, as well as any language that might give the wrong impression.

During these classes, you will learn to:

  • Make the necessary pre-interview preparations

  • Successfully answer the 'tell us about yourself' question

  • Correctly approach the more common interview questions

  • Confidently ask some appropriate questions of your own



By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.


General English

If you want to improve your English for practical, everyday use, learning online is a wonderful way to go about it. With access to LWT’s one-on-one service, high-quality resources, and wide-ranging experience, you are sure to find a pace and level of study that will suit your needs.

The LWT English General Programme will help English learners work on the skills they want to improve on a schedule that they can fit into their own busy lives.


General English classes can contain, but are not restricted to:

  • Conversation practice

  • Free talk

  • Vocabulary extension exercises

  • Grammar improvement

  • Writing development

  • Individually selected reading materials

If you have a goal in English that isn’t listed here, feel free to schedule a trial lesson or contact us and we can discuss the most suitable and effective way to ensure you can reach that goal!