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LWT English


Your own personal online tutor

Enjoy one-on-one classes with a qualified native speaker who can organise classes to suit your level and help you reach your goals.

Relaxed, conversational style


You are not in a classroom, so you shouldn't feel like you're in one. In these online classes, you will finally have the opportunity to practice informal conversation with a native English speaker in a relaxed atmosphere.


Convenient scheduling


We are all busy these days. Between work and family commitments, there isn't a lot of extra time in the day. LWT English offers a range of scheduling options so that you can learn at the best time for you!

Meet your goals


Whether you are studying English for IELTS, interview preparation, accent modification, or just learning for the joy of learning, LWT English can help you reach those goals with confidence. 


Free Trial Lesson


Your first 25-minute online lesson is free.

No obligation. No payment information required

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